martes, 19 de enero de 2016

La vie en rose (english)

Its the title from a Louis Armstrong or Edith Paif song.
This time I wont talk about any specific trip, but how destiny one way or another take us to the place we should be. Sometime I think when I fell sad and desperate that this book is very captious and sometimes they putted kind of liquid paper where I was supossed to laugh. But I count on my memories. With this I recover the smile and I face the situation on a better way. I may exaggerate and it's easy to think I live a different reality but that's my reality. But, how not to think that when I look at some of my pictures and I remember such a great experiences like Poland? So special places like Balaton Lake? Or how not to live on a different reality when I remember Kenyas sounds? And finally isn't that my reality? Sometimes a little bit grey, but the flutter of the hummingbird from the front  of my house puts a little bit of color.


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