jueves, 14 de enero de 2016

Berlin du bist so wunderbar - I (english)

The title comes from an announcement that appeared very frequently on youtube while I had the luck to live one month on Berlín for the Msc internship.
Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cnr9D9pgjRg
I also saw the advertisement on the S-bahn. I just liked too much.

By the way, the beers "Berliner Kindl" and "Berliner Pilsner" would be the beers I really recommend to anyone who visit the german capital.

The beggining of the internship was really easy; the woman who would be (and I still call) boss picked me up at the airport and helped me to get to my first residence where I could only slept two nights after I arrived so meanwhile I slept on a near hostal. So it was good not to get lost looking for adresses and was good to start to know my boss.
In this hostal I had a lot of luck with my partners: Stonian couple, 3 swedish and a US guy who the two nights I was there he took over one friend of him. Also there was another person but none of us was able to see him/her. They all were kind people and didn't do a lot of noise the two nights I was there, coexisting with them was easy. Those days I made a little tourism (I will talk about it in other post), getting to know the city and going to party in a place called "Suicide Circus"-comments apart.
After these days I was able to go to my temporary room (only one week there) and at the same time I started my internship. Those first days were kind of chaotic: Finding a room for a month, getting to know how to transport in the city with the S-Bahn, U-bahn, busses, and the train in order to go to Müncheberg, one hour away from Berlin, where I did my internship.
I visited 3 rooms and at the end I choosed one near Baumschulenweg station from where it was relatively easy to get to the station where I had to take the train to Müncheberg. It also had a very good point on it, it was close, to the best place for me on the city, Treptower Park.

An unfriendly warning in Treptower Park
As any capital city, Berlin, offers a lot of things to do and it can be hard to believe but one month is not enough, specially with the internship I made that maybe weren't the most commons but the more intense.

Being in Berlin, my parents visited me, they couldn't miss that opportunity, we made the already mentioned Free Walking Tours with the luck of being in spanish so the things are easier to understand. During the tour we passed by: Check-Point Charlie, Brandenburgs gate, Unter den linden avenue and so on. With my parents wi went to the wall museum, the Reichstag, Alexanderplatz and so on. Obviously during their visit we had the opportunity to talk about my internship, impressions, point of views of what we were learning and unavoidable comparisons with other cities appeared.


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