jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2015

Somewhere over the rainbow (english)

So here I am, back again in Amsterdam, I just can't complain.
I want to start with something I wrote in situ: "City where a friend found his own starway to heaven and I went crazy looking for the order. I'd describe like this these nights in Amsterdam in a rough way and talking about my last visit. It's not good to generalize".

Once done this I will start to say a little bit about this retorn. It all started a thursday with the Msc classmates in a fenician restaurant. Beer after beer and somehow I didn´t sleep until I got on the plane  at 7 am and unfortunately from the two hours flight I only slept one.
After meeting a couple of friends -Marcelo y Manu- and doing the check-in in the hostal (catholic) in the middle of the red district we went to take a look around.
It all started very cultural, we went to the Rijks museum to see what we find there, besides the famous I AMsterdam, inside the museum we saw The Milkmaid, some Van Gogh's self portraits and now I just don't remember more.

Then, while they visited the Heineken experience I slept a little bit, the body asked for it. I slept a couple of hours and when they arrived we went to discover the famous red district.
Somewhere in the red district.
And, what can I say? We went through each and every street where the ladies were and we visited a bar called Bulldog, meanwhile we found some lost tourist and someone offer us stuff kind of illegal.

The next day was kind of the same, we visited the flower market and once again we split, they went to the stadium and I went to the Van Gogh's museum. For me it was such a shame to not be able to take pictures. The 12 sunflowers are so beautiful - I think is something personal.

Flower market.
We met again to have dinner and to find out what was the night keeping for us because that was the last night together. We didn't end fine, as expected, but we were happy.

Amsterdam didn't chage so much since the time I visited it with my parents, it was me whom has changed a lot. The city kept that spell that cautivated me and my parents so much, we still don't know what was it. I think that I fell in love with the -not so clean- canals, the atmosphere around them was just  great for me.

While being there with my parents, we visited the wax museum which I recomend a lot despite de price and going with the parents to the erotic museum well... maybe is not so confortable. Another place to highlight is Anna Franks house where her famous diary comes to life.

Erotic museum
Wax museum with princess Fiona 

I AMsterdam
I think few cities had cautivated me so much as this one and I hope I conveyed some of this mysticism in as few words. Explain everything is just impossible for such a great city full of history, cultural places and a lot to learn.


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