viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

6 years later I cross the Atlantic once again

Half decade plus one year has passed since I boarded on this journey with one hour stop in Madrid and finally arriving to Barcelona and to be more specific: Vic (capital of central Catalonia with permission of Manresa people). When I arrived I didn't have any idea about Catalonia; Catalan, a trunk -which you have to hit in order to get gifts-  the pa amb tomàquet, Empordà and 1714.
I arrived on a synergy of family issues and to study the degree in Environmental Sciences. I ended up learning Catalan, making a master, knowing the Delta del Ebro and drinking water and wine at lunchtime. I don't yell "In-inde-independencia" (some believe that it's a fault) but I respct; I believe in freedom of expression and because 200 years ago in Colombia we had the same purpose  but different means. I'm sure that if I had arrived in another part of Spain I'd speak of it as I speak of Catalonia.

Is easy to imagine that the Colombia and Andrés from 6 years ago are very different from the actual, nevertheless I still retain some flaws that brought in the luggage.

Concha Beach in San Sebastian, Spain.

In these six years I've learned and met a lot; I will always be grateful to life, especially with my parents and my sister to decide the day it was to come here.

Living in Europe so wonderful, attacked, defended and great at the same time has made me a different person I would be if I had stayed in Colombia. Not better, nor worse (I can't define what is good and bad) but different.
Now I know the real winter and the white nights make sense to me. I have known many cultures and languages in such a small space and carry in my memory at least one word that no use to me in the day to day, but to presume sometimes, is not that bad.
In a park in Gödöllö-Hungría
Like any adventure, it had many surprises: European athletics, Kenya, World Junior Championships, Hungary, just to name a few.

With Michelle Jenneke in Barcelona.

Somewhere in the Masai Mara

There're many memories that I hope to keep for a while, 'cause somehow they've shaped me and led me to be as I'm now.
Meanwhile (but not sufficient) I did my stuff I was fortunate to meet people worth. In college, athletics, on travel, on the street, in bars and museums. Without them, what I experienced possibly wouldn't have been so intense and some memories wouldn't be so confusing.

In a few hours they will call the passenger ship direction Bogota and I will start a new stage in the land of my birth. See you soon in Colombia.


Gracias, gràcies, danke, Koszonom, thank you.

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