miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2015

Plivitce National Park

While I was in Zagreb I heard about a place I had to visit: Plivitce Lakes National Park. In order to go I had to pay for a tour, a van would pick me up at the entrance of the hostel and the price I think it was around 30 - 40 (maybe more, maybe less I really don't remember).
The next day the van picked me up, we were few people on it: Two swedish, two Danish, one girl form Philipines and me. When we arrived the driver told us: You should do the track number 2 and more or less 5 hours you will be done. You will have enough time for a easy walk, have lunch and take pictures.
So I got a map from the place and 5' later I was already lost between the information panels, the map, the driver indications and the people. I was lucky I met the Danish girls and well I stayed with them the whole day.
Now, instead of describing what we did and talked I prefer to share some pics from the place which I totally recomend.
"One image is worth a thousand words."


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