lunes, 24 de agosto de 2015

By the light of the northern star (English)

Going back to Hungary from Poland I had to take a taxi in Wroclaw in order to arrive on time at the bus station to take a bus to Krakow and then to Budapest. If everything was allright I would be able to catch the last train to Gödöllö; yes, I had to run to catch a couple of busses to arrive to my bed.
The trip to Krakow was long, boring so I tried to spend the time looking through the window when I was not sleeping.
I arrived to Krakow (great city) and I had to wait a couple of hours before the bus to Budapest leave. Before getting in the bus, in the crowd I saw a couple that were having a special farewell, very emotive, they were very sad.
I sat down and while I thought on such a great week in Poland a lot of minutes just passed. The point is that my travel partner was the guy from the couple I mentioned before. From the window he kept on saying good bye to the girl with tears on his eyes. I thought: "Poor man". When the bus started to move, he continue crying even harder, my heart got soft I didn't say anything, just touched his shoulder. Then I slept.
When I woke up in one of those mandatory stops for buses and meanwhile doing the line to get on the bus again I start to talk to him; name (don't remember), where he came from  and so on. I asked for the girl, her was his partner and I think my face betrayed me (why so much crying?) because he continued with his story; he didn't knew when he was going to see her again because probably she was going to Denmark to do a Msc (2 years), he was going to Transilvania to visit his mother whom was very ill so he didn't know when he was going back to Poland, also, whenever it happened probably his girlfriend was not there anymore and also meant her mother died. At that point my heart broke. I compared both situation and two sentences came to my mind: "Courage my friend" and the other one is the title of a previous entry "Luck is what you don't have to suffer".
The trip continued with anything else remarkable, it couldn't be anything else. I arrived to Gödöllö, say hello to William and went to sleep with both feelings: bad for him but at the same time very lucky.

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