domingo, 5 de julio de 2015

A book with green cover

The other day on my way to Barcelona by train I was thinking on my stuff: track & field, parks, cities, trips, etc. Those thoughts were interrumpted by two reasons:
Firts, the ladies in front of me were talking about exams period and how they study according to the exam. I took note on that, you never know when are you going to need those tips.
On the other hand, on my right, there was this girl at the beggining quiet, listening to her music, quiet, easy. Well, at some point a friend/partner of her get into the train and well, they started to talk about their stuff. I thought to myself: "Well I can't focuss on my things anymore, let's listen what they say" -yes, sometimes I hear other people conversations-. I won't say any detaills of course. The point is that as long as they were talking the girl next to me said something like: "Look what I'm reading (she took a book out from her purse) and started to say: Is about a psychiatrist that was in a concentration camp (eee! attention)", at that time I look at it and what a surprise, it was my favourite book: " Man's search of meaning - Viktor Frankl. I got just too excited, I mean, my favourite book I just couldn't hold longer and I said: "Is the best book I've ever read, you have nothing to lose" (or something like that). Both of them starred at me a little surprise and replaid: "Do you know it?"

El hombre en búsqueda de sentido por Viktor Frankl

I thought: "I know it almost by memory". But I said: "Yeah, I know it, is my favourite book", they smiled.
We keept on talking about the book while we were getting closer to our destiny. We talked about the historic context, development... also we asked about ourselves; what we studied or what we do for to living... Unfortunately I know few thing about her. Last year of psycology at UB and she's doing an internship near Sants.
We arrived to our destination and we said goodbye wishing luck, that day I presented my Msc thesis and she was heading to her internship. I write this because I want to know what do yo think about the book (again: is my favourite book) and I hope one way or another you let me know.