martes, 12 de mayo de 2015

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With all my effort I try to write my TFM (Msc thesis), the ideas 5 minutes ago I had so clear are gone. I guess the nerves that cause me the fact of being about to finish my Msc. Sometimes I like to think it as a race (100 mts in my case). You've been training a lot for just a few seconds of race. Once the referee has made the call you cant hesitate, you cant think, you just have to be focus on: Starting position, breathe on the "ready", what comes next you have very internalized, run a lot or take your body to the limit, someone will pick-up the pieces of you. At the end, independent of the time you made, you know if really give all of you.

Something like this I compare with the TFM. Hours travelling Vic-Barcelona-Vic, sometimes hurrying for not losing the bus or the train, endure the cold of the classroom, the articles, the field-trips, reports, etc.

Now whats left? Well, in a few pages you've to convince some gurús that you learn something about what they tried to teach you on their own way, agree or not is not my business.

So, decide a topic... let me choose: planification, environmental management, agriculture, tourism... so many subjects, so many topics where to choose... first worry.

Now the mentor: teacher I like, teacher I don't like but can help me... and so on with all the combinations availables.

At least... Write... Wait! First look for information and clarify your ideas. The information is hard to find: database, books, magazines, thesis, newspaper, documentaries, bloggs, etc. Reading hours...
Clarify ideas, were the same as you started? Same objectives?
Yes--> Nice work
No--> You're messed my friend (repeat cycle).

OK, you've the ideas on your mind, now write them down on a paper or a word doc. (I let you choose), they aren't so clear now, right? Language is such a hard thing. Is not the same: Propose/design that doing; greenbelt that greenway; POUM that POT and many others I've been finding.

Let's say I'm on that point. I'm not good on writing and the ideas start to mutate despite having clear objectives. I guess there's a halt on the synapse or something like that so I keep starring the pc screen thinking on how to fix the world.

Well I leave it here 'cause a TFM doesn't write itself.

From somewhere on my mind!


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