martes, 12 de mayo de 2015

Luck is what you dont have to suffer - Poland (II)

First I have to explain why its called Poland II. Well, when I was in Krakow I visited the concentration, work and extermition camp of Auschwitz so it deserved something special for what it means to me. Its written a long time after the visit (like almost every post), because I wanted to think and cautiontly select every word and be sure that what I write is exactly what I think and want to say. Oh! Also I've to say that the title I stole it from one of the best (if not the best) book I've read until now: Man's search for meaning - Viktor Frank; well, after all these explanations... Here I go:

I have tried several times to write something worth about my visit and I find that I don't know what I want to say. In the documentaries is everything said with images and videos of what happened.
Overmore, who am I to talk about it? Me, that as far as I know, no one of my family experienced something related with the second world war and even something related with the concentration camps.

I'm just a fan of watching documentaries over and over again and despite listening to the same history, always ask myself: How and why?. I'm pretty sure, that what lefts of me in this life I won't find answers.

A minibus picked me up, on the unique day during my time in Poland that there was no sun, in this bus we continued picking up people that were staying in kind of quality hotels, not in a humble hostal like me. As soon as we arrived to Auschwitz I see a lot of big busses, mibuses, private cars and public transportation. I got off from the bus and I got informed that the spanish tour is going to be after the english tour and... it will start in 20 minutes... so I sit down and wait. My tour starts, I receive a pair of headphones that help us to hear better the guide. Between explanations, walking, nazis and S.S.chief names and more I realize that:
Before my group, there's the english tour and after us the french tour. I don't know a lot of frech but I understand something and fortunately my english knowledge allowed me to understand what the guides were saying and it was that the three guides were saying exactly the same, I felt like in a recorder that the only function was to repeat and repeat. The take us to the places they want us to see, they say what they wanna say quickly and if you entertain yourself you miss the group and end in another group, maybe (un-fortunately) you can get lost.

It ended with a visit to Auscwitz II where we're able to enter to the barricades where we heard more explanations and, coincidence or not, it started to rain just when we were not under any ceiling. The only sweater I had got wet and cold, as my soul just by trying to imagine what about few decades happened.
The visit was over, I was not plenty and I think is because I had such great expectations. It was not too much but was enough for me. I dont regret any second there.

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