domingo, 22 de marzo de 2015

One from Barcelona.

The other day one of this days aimlessly, I went to a museum. I went to the museum of the inventions of Barcelona near the Palau de la Generalitat. I do not know if I got by mistake or coincidence, but arrived. Anyway, I entered to take a look, surely I would learn something.
I started for the bathroom and well, they have a video that reminds you to flush. Yes, there are three men that at the beggining the laugh at the size of your penis and then by hand signs tells you to remember to empty. At first, it may sound funny, but: and if the unstopable time deteriorate us mentally and that video becomes not something you see in a museum, but an everyday?
I went downstairs to see what else can I find. There was a part of the exhibition dedicated to children, there they can contribute with ideas and stuff like that. What a great imagination they have and very useful ideas. A protective like rubber band so the shoes dont get bad while playing with a ball. There was also a kind of ... not how to explain it ... sort of bracket that holds a pitcher only be tilted to serve and not have to strain to lift. Other inventions I'd like to highlight; Cover pot with shovels to stir, mop with microphone, square pillows, combs that spray water, among others. Some useful, others are more entertaining.
Later there was a kind of transparent yellow cube, curious I approached. Maybe meets the objective, the means, in my opinion is very unpleasant. The cube should be put on the way to the kitchen, it is a bucket of fat, the idea is to make us think twice before going to bite something to eat. Eh! The cube is large enough to seriously rethink passing through pits to refuel.
Almost finishing encounter the "useless machine" yes, it is very useless. I must confess that I did work for a while.

Finally I arrived to a touchable screen that gives potatoes. In a free way. It works like this: You ask some potatoes and instead of paying with money, for it pays to "sweat of the brow", what you have to do is to pedal in a stationary bike the equivalent calorie package of the potatoes. Its like "who sins and pray, ties". Only here first you pray, then you sin.
I chose one of "the point of salt" and I spend a few minutes there pedaling hard. In the end I got ... phew ... it takes a lot to some potatoes.

In the spanish version I end with: I guess I should lay with: Health.
In spanish make sense to say "salud" in order to say goodbye. Although "salud" means health. I tried to find a word so in english make more sense but I didn't find any (I accept of course suggestions)

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