martes, 3 de febrero de 2015

Already one year.

Yes, it has been already one year since I started to write this blogg. Here I wanted to share some of my experiences while I was participating on the Erasmus programm in Hungary. Now that the day of the first aniversary is close, I look some pictures, found in my (dis)order stuff I bought there, remember some things; I cant help but laugh and feel nostalgic at the same time.
Doing a list would be very long, I'll just mention a few: Instant, train heading Gödöllö and not falling asleep, 500Hft Gyros and of course, waking up every day a look through the window these image.

Its has been already one yar since I got on that plane full of hopes and fears, doubts and convictions and more thoughts. Today when I think what I did and stop making, more convince I become in what I said once before regarding Hungary, now it means more for me more that just a country. It's an experience hardly to forget, I know it changed me in anyway, it opened and at the same time closed me door and I dont have more comparisons so I leave it here.

This is one of those anniversary that cause me great emotions but sure that are more those that makes me smile rather feeling nostalgic.

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