domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014

Croatia - Hrvatska. Zagreb (english)

As long as I stayed in Hungary (Magyarország) I decided to go one weekend to Zagreb. I started looking for hostals, tickets, things to do and more, like any other trip.
I was in the bus and when we arrived to the border we got off the bus to check the passports and stuff, I was in the line thinking in my things and when it was my turn I was said: "Wait there" in hungarian. I already expected that. The EU, asian, everyone but me. The fact is that they asked over and over again the ID, passport or any sort of identification. I gave them my ID, driving license, even the student card (that actually it's a paper) from Gödöllös university... I mean, everything. So I asked the police which was the problem, isn't Croatia in the Schengen agreement?
He, with a laugh of the moment (circumstancial laughter), says: no, they aren't, they will enter on April next year. As soon as he finished that sentence I felt a lot of things... like what? I think scare of thinking that I would have to wait in the border for a bus going to Budapest, also sadness for not being able to continue my trip and many other things. I'm not writing this to say I had to go back, no, just to say that that's the way I start my trips.

I arrived in the croatina capital accompanied by much of the South Korean delegation, with whom I had lunch and sadly said good-bye, it was the last time we will meet.
I went to the hostal, did the check-in, asked for information and then lets go around the city. I already had the typical city map which include representative (or not) buildings of the city. Besides I had a little book in spanish!

I started my visit to the Croatian capital traveling around the streets of the "high city" 'cause Zagreb is divided in high city and lower city, oh no! First I have to change money, euros for Kunas! Otherwise I'm not able to buy anything. So the visit has to wait a little bit...
OK, now I have Kunas I can start now. From the croatian capital there were a lot of buildings that caught my atention I must stand out Saint Mark church (Crkva Svetog Marka), specially because of the roof, colorful, nice.

Similarly I have to mention two museums: Broken Relationships and Naïve art. The first one because is -I think- the only one in the world or the biggest in Europe or something like that, c'mon, is the first/unique/biggest of something and the second one I want to stand out because is an art, I think, colorful (some exceptions of course) so... I like it!. As you can imagine I visited both museums and both were cheap also I was able to visit them just in one morning.
I remember walking on the downtown I found a huge sphere! Really, huge, well that was the sun (WTF?) yeah, the sun, what happens is that the solar system is made to scale and the other components are distributed throughout the rest of the city, I must say, I just found the sun.
Also I have to mention Jarun, it's a lake in the very south of the city, and I got the impression that it's located in a very residential part of the city, I mean, very away from the historic center and that stuff, someone from Croatia I hope can help with the possible mistake.
So far I've little more to add to my experience in this beautiful city, with good beer, so I prefer to left to the imagination. 
To not talk about Plivitce lakes I'll do it on a new post.

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