lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

Just a smile (English)

The other day I was reading a friends blogg, he is known as Andreu (the catalan version for Andrés), where he explains his experiences in Laussane and one of the texts name is: GÚ MORNIIII!!!. Before detailing more I have to say that this guy Andreu is a "paio" (or something like that) ultra-millionaire, I mean you must have a lot of 0's in your bank account to live there jajajaja (just joking of course). The point is that in the text I already mentioned I seemed to read something like: A girl that is in practice there always says Hello very energetically although how concentrate you're on your stuff.

I don't know if that is what he wanted to stand out, certainly that caught my attention; for a moment I imagined Andreu working on his "Fungi" very concentrated looking through a microscope trying to find something, "THAT" what makes his experiments and trials not going as he wants, gradually he begins to rage and makes the gesture characteristic in that kind of situation: Tears backwards on the chair, picks his hair with the right hand, open his eyes, snort and say "Vaia puta merda chaval" - What a fucking shit man!. Suddenly the girl that is on practice appears with a smile on her face and says: GU MORNIIII!!! this results in a calming effect on Andreu, gives him energy and put him back to his microscope to keep on looking for whatever he is trying to find. I hope not to be too far from reality, I like to think so.

So, whats up with just a greeting? Well, is that, just a greeting. It comes to be how such a simple and non important gesture can make change the mood of a person.You may think I exaggerate a little, but I'm sure this gesture is whether , or not, causes some kind of reaction. In this case , causes some kind of relief and happiness. I do not pretend to teach cordiality or anything like that, but sometimes I think that such simple gestures as a greeting, thanking or a farewell cost nothing and may with out knowing helps someone at one point.

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