viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2014

Poland (III) - Warsaw

Second stop: Warsaw.

After a few hours trip I finally arrive to the capital of the country. It was as sunny as I expected. Lets go and find the hostel. After asking, asking ... asking and asking (sorry for repeating that much but it was like that) I still had 10' walking.
Well, finally I arrive to the hostel, that it was too hippie for me but the bath and bed were clean, enough for me. I got a map in the reception so I was ready to look for buildings I only see on T.V and now I was able to look at them "face-to-face", but before I had to eat something 'cause the hunger was a fact and also change euros into Zlotys. Once done this, lets look for vestiges from a kingdom that long time ago belonged to a swedish king who was the one whom changed the capital city, what remains of the horror of the Jewish persecution, sequales of communism and finally, how this capital city goes accommodating to the demands of a supposed European Union.

I started with a combination of a communist and ghettos and the first thing that I find and it's impossible not to see is (according to the map, that's a little bit alternative) "Stalin's wedding cake" which is actually the palace of culture and science (Palac Kultury i Nauki) which is a very big building, giant seriously.

After looking remains of a wall, but not any wall, it was part of a ghetto wall that in some way separated people dying just for being Jewish. Until then, when I saw the documentaries, movies and read books about the subject I could not imagine how a wall could mean so much. Now that I've seen, I can't still imagine how were those days. At the end is just a wall, but of course, the conditions under which I visited at that time are totally different from the war days. After starring for a while at the wall and listening to a teacher explain an Argentine school the history that I knew by heart, I decide to continue on my visit.
My visit continued with a visit to the monument to the fallen in war, opera, big buildings, streets where artists like Chopin (almost certainly was) walked, I ended in the house of Maria Sklodowska. ¿Who? Maria Sklodowska-Curie. Ah! Now I can recognize her. So yeah, the first person to win two Nobel prizes and more things that can be read on wikipedia, lived in Warsaw and I had no idea, so I was able to go to sleep, I learned something new (many other things, but that's the most memory).

Uff  I'm tired, I will stop for a while at this park, then I'm going to see the president's house.

Once resumed the walk, I wonder: "What is this amount of people who go on skates?" I keep walking and, seriously, many people until I asked and the woman say to me that it was the first night of Nightskating Warszawa... a lot of people asking for more rights and respect for the skaters.

The next day I wake up with some difficulty, because I was tired from the day before, and I go to make an already famous walking tour in which I have little to highlight about dates, kings and that stuff which will make this a very long text.
Once finished I turn to an area called Praga, I have something to do on that part of the city. Going there was an odyssey between people who wanted to help me but didn't  know English, who knew English but didn't know where I wanted to go was and so ... Anyway, I get to a street that doesn't inspire much confidence, suddenly two women get close to me (very pretty by the way, like almost all polish girls) and asked what I was looking for, fortunately  they knew  and decided to accompany me because according to thems the area is not very safe that they even said you better not take out the camera to take pictures so I thought: If they recommend it, there must be a reason. Well, the street I was looking for, was the street where the Warsaw pianist film was recorded. Going back to the hostel, I ended in a concert of John Paul II canonization, I met a group of Polish women who were explaining me about the concert and what was the host of the concert saying.

The capital was over for me.

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