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Poland (I) - Krakow

A friend of mine once told me: "Buah Andreu (is Andrés in catalan) one day I wanted to read one of your texts but when I saw how long it was pfff... you should write more, but shorter" - Marina Tallo. So well, I will do that, specially now that I'm talking about Poland that I have a lot to say despite everything is said about that country.

First stop: Krakow.

After a 7 and a half trip I finally arrived. It was 1:30 pm and the first thing I noticed is that the spring had already arrived to the city, not only because of the flowers, also because the relentless sun burned me even the ideas. I had to move quickly 'cause a tour started at 3:30 and because I didn't have a lot of days I had to maximize the time. I went not without some orientations problems to the hostel, as soon as I arrive I devour some chips and a juice, I asked the recepcionist for the main square and I start going that way.
20 minutes later the tour starts, I have to admit that some dates and names the guide was saying,  while I say yes with the head unfortunately I just remember a few; nevertheless I remember places and histories, like the trumpet guy, the knife in the market building, John Paul II window, the dragon, etc...
After the tour I got a little bit lost when I was looking a place to have lunch/dinner and because of the rain I decided to enter to the first place I saw and I wont complain, food was really good. Once with full stomach and happy heart I continue walking on the downtown and suddenly I saw a tour desk where after asking over and over again I ended-up booking for a tour toAuschwitz next day.
Later in the night I went to another tour where besides hearing terror histories aout the city, I met a brasilian guy with who after the tour we went together to watch a champions league match semifinal when it ended we said goodbye and I went to bed. The next day was important for me.

Once I came back from Auschwitz which I will write one post for it, I went to the hostal to rest and eat a little bit. Later I went to the downtown and I started to look for the buildings I missed to visit, like Schindlers factory, a drugstore that survived to the war, churches and squares. Only after walking some kilometers I was able to find them, take a picture and read what the map said. Once all this was done I decided to go back to the downtown, watch the other champions league semifinal match and go to sleep, the next day at noon my bus was going to Warsaw. I went to the same bar of the night before and I asked to a guy if the chair was free, he answered: "Go ahead, no problem", so, I took a sit and started to watch the match. In the half part he asks: "Are you spanish"?  Me: "I live there, but I am from Colombia". He: "Hombre! que tal? (Man, what's up?) my wife is from there". With such an accent that it was impossible to doubt it. Well, the guy, was actually a thirty year man, we was from France, married with a colombian girl that he met in Barcelona and they have been living together for a while and it must be a whiileee because he even used colombian expressions! It was very funny listening him saying: "Hey compadre"! (Hey dude). Well, at the end he invited me to a beer because "The company pays". When the match was over we said good bye and well... that's how my days in Krakow were over.

P.D: While I walking by the river (Vistula) I saw something floating on the water and was not precisely a boat. It was a pig. Yes a pig in the middle of a river. Unfortunately I didnt had the opportunity to ask any native about it, so if anyone knows the history I would like if you share it here.


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