miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014

Manifesto (english)

I have to start saying that manifiesto looks a lot in english, there is just an "I" of difference.

Well, today was a really pleasant morning, it was sunny and I was waiting for the bus that will take me to the downtown. Usually it comes every hour and 20 minutes. What a surprise when it was 22' and no sign of it. Then I said to myself: "At 30' I stand up and leave" as soon as I think/say that, my mentor pass in the driving lessons car. The car stops she gets out of it, practice was over. She asks me what am I doing, I tell her that waiting for the bus, she replies: "Oh! I think the first one comes at 2:20. Inside myself I think: Ah! Ok... So I could have been waiting here for a while and it would never appear. 
I tell her my situation, I want to go to the downtown and do some stuff in the bank (money, always so important that took me early out from bed), I ask her if she wants to come, she says yes. We went to the bank, she translate what I needed. Hungarian is kind of impossible.

After that, I asked my mentor (Brigitta) for any exchange place and any place where I could take some pictures for the dormitories entrance card. After looking for a while we met some friends of her  we explained our situation and they said: You know what, we will join you. I/we was/were kind of lucky because one of them is from Gödöllö so she knew where those places were (exchange and pictures).
First we went to the picture place. Then to the exchange, there they gave me 36 thousand/100€ (317Hft/€) really good, specially if I say that in La Caixa (spanish bank) the change was 272Hft/€. Its the best place to change at least in this city. 
So at the end, it was a really interesting morning, I was able to see Gödöllö in a normal day, a little bit more active.
The purpose of this "writting" is specially (even though there are somethings kind of strange) to say that in this moment I am living something that I will not do again, studying in a country where english helps you, but not always. Studying in a place where I've met people from several countries. Knowing so different people and cultures for me that rocks a lot, so if anyone reads this and is thinking on living an experience like this I would totally say: Do it! Dont think it twice.

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