lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

Few days later.

The title talks by itself, so... I am going to describe a little bit how these two firsts weeks of this adventure have been.

The first days were like any firsts days, knowing, looking, walking, everything seems nice, everything you like, everything makes sense and you think everything should be like that... you just feel wonderful.

My roommate is a brazilian who will stay the whole year and I will not lie, he's a good person, quiet, relaxed, very south american, very my way. So that way I am more than grateful, because I've heard stories from roomates not very nice, like they party everyday without caring asking you or maybe not sharing anything. It doesn't mean you have to share everything is just I don't mind sharing.

In the short time I've been here, the first surprise I had was the first weekend when a friend from Vic, Anna Mir, came on tour to Budapest with her Wroclaw friends (by the way is really hard to pronounce it), so the first weekend I already had to learn to catch the train to go to Budapest without having any idea where I was going, neither the price, nothing, but thanks to Google Maps (free advertisement), those things are a little more easier. The fact is that we made one of those Free Walking Tours which are actually very interesting. It couldn't ended up in a different way that drinking a couple of beers, that I had to rush because I didn't knew how to get to the train station or where buy the ticket. First hurries. Obviously not the last ones.

After that great visit, the first week elapsed between trips to the downtown to buy food, dishes, pots, going to the bank... well doing "responsible adult" person things. This continued until the day came where the story begins to straighten, the famous "Welcome Day". Why so important? Well because after a whole day meeting people from many different countries and trying to remember their names (really difficult task), destiny wanted we ended up in Morrison's 1 which was full of people partying, that behaviour took me to catch the 5:05 am train. That's why that "Welcome Day" is so important. This happened on thursday, so on friday I was not person and I am sure that more than one of you have vere done this: The hangover is more than physical, is moral, this take us at 5 pm to stand-up from the bed and do something with our lives, in my case was going to the market and buy: salad, meat, pasta... common things and not even by mistake pass by the alcohol alley because: "I will never drink again" ... yeah sure... wait, you don't have any idea whats waiting for you. I had to repeat on saturday and this time, well, it was a little bit heavier 'cause I felt asleep in the train and I passed 3 o 4 stops, when I woke up I said to a friend from Poland/Jordan (Amer): Hey! We've already passed Gödöllö. He: Really?. Yeah it was true. We got off from the train (it was 5:35) we asked the man from the train station what time it was supossed the train to Gödöllö came, he answers (in hungarian of course): 6:07... se we were in a village in the middle of nowhere, tired, sleepy, cold, we still kind of drunk and he have to wait 30 minutes outdoor, he did not allow us to enter in his office because: (something in hungarian). Well, I was sure that was not going to be the last time it happened. 
After this weekend a bit hectic, monday I started classes, of course I arrived late to the first one, its impossible to have a good orientation in the university, besides being everything in hungarian (obviously) that made me realise that english is not the solution to all problems abroad. The fact is that the classes (the ones I've assisted ) have been really interesting, I guess is probably the first classes sindrome, everything is pretty, has its logic and should be always like that, I hope it continues like this the whole semester. What I love from them is that they look like the UN, people from everywhere: Zambia, France, Hungary, Palestine, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy...Colombia, I guess/hope I dont forget any country.
Well... I think is enough by now.

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