domingo, 6 de abril de 2014

Going to Hungary.

First of all, I have to say that the guilty I am writting also in english is Igor, a nice guy from Croatia that one day told me: "I saw you have a blogg, but I can't understand anything". 
Actually he didn't say anything about writting also in english, but I thought to myself: "All these experiences (at least most of them) I am living them with people that don't speak/understand spanish, I think is good that they also know (if they want) what are my thoughts about this experience". 
Also I have to say that the translation is very difficult, there's a lot of words and expressions I couldn't find but I tried to keep the main idea and specially keep the same feeling. So here I go:

This trip begins like many others, with a problem in the check-in, this time is the laptop that must be out of the hand luggage in order to pass through the X-rays, also I have to take off my sweater, take out the coins I carry… meanwhile the laptop was passing and I still taking off the sweater, the people in line waiting for me and I start to feel that kind of heat that only appears in this situations. You can guess that was the only trouble I had 'cause right now I'm writing  this from Hungary, specially from Gödöllö.

As soon as I get into the plane I realize I’m not alone (obviuously) and I understand a lot of things my "flight mates" are talking about, whether they speak spanish or catalan, but there is also a lot of things I don’t understand from the others, not even a word and I warn this as a sign from life which makes me realize I just started one experience that will leave mark on me and surely it will make me see it from a different point of view.

I notice that the madam sitted next to me must be from Hungary and is because I could see: Mygar or something like that on her passport, and the point is that Hungary in hungarian is: Magyarország.
Next to her, on the window (I am in the corridor) there is a Spanish guy, I know it from his accent and I think his friend is gaucho because he called him “boludo”. The world in one square meter.
Stills something like one hour of trip and anxiety and nerves start their already common roller coaster inside me. I accept it, there’s no turning back, I carry with me good intentions: to study, to approve, to learn, to meet and to understand. But I also carry a couple of bad intentions: Hang out, stay up late and what I take out from it. I have to balance these intentions.

Plane lands 30 minutes later than planned, it was Ryanair, I thank I arrive.